5 Youngest Parents in The World!

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5 Youngest Parents in The World!

5 Youngest Parents in The World!

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5 Worlds Youngest Parents Ever!


The world has been rapidly changing and many unusual and unexpected occurrences keep happening. With the rapid development in the world, there is an early age maturity in kids too. Believe it or not, there are such kids who became parents when they are kids themselves. It may even shock you knowing the age in which these kids give birth. With this being said, prepare for 5 Youngest Parents in The World!

1.5 Year Old Lina Medina

Lina Medina was taken to the hospital by her parents when she was five-years-old because of an abnormal growing of her abdomen expected to be suffering from a tumor, but was shocked to discover that Lina has been pregnant for seventh months. On May 14, 1939, Lina delivered a baby boy making 5 year old Lina a complete adult with fully mature sexual organs. The father of Medina was arrested and accused for sexual abuse of her daughter but released later because of the insufficient evidence.

2. 8 Year Old Hilda Trujillo

Hilda Trujillo belongs to a poor family of Peru who was living with her family in one-room residence; on December 2, 1957 she gave birth to a baby girl at a hospital in Lima named María del Rosario weighing over 6 lb. Reports say that Hilda Trujillo was raped by her 22-year-old cousin who was staying with them along with her family. Hilda’s mother took her to hospital right away when she noticed that her stomach was growing abnormally where doctors revealed that her daughter was pregnant.

3. Britain’s Youngest Parents at 14

Meet April Webster and Nathan Fishbourne. Britain’s Youngest Parents entering the list of one of the Worlds youngest parents when April decided to give birth to a baby at the age of 14. Both of the parents were happy and had no problems about taking up the responsibility at such a young age. Isnt that wonderful....

4. 11 Year Old Tressa Middleton

UK’s Tressa Middleton was raped by her brother at the age of 11 and left pregnant. She gave birth to a baby girl but had no choice except to give her up for adoption. She later opened up about her sad ordeal and begged forgiveness from her daughter.

5. 13 Year Old Alfie Patten

Alfie Patten was all of 13 when his 15-year old girlfriend Chantelle Stedman, got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl. Alfie was proud to be a dad and promised that he would take care of the baby girl. However, the DNA tests later confirmed that Alfie was not the father. A 14-year old fellow classmate of Chantelle was the real father, who then agreed to look after the child. Shocker!

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